Frequently asked questions

  • Is this a self-learning platform?
    Right now, no. We have plans for the future, but for the time being, it is instructor-led learning. Students, on the other hand, quickly learn how to use our platform to learn on their own without the assistance of others.
  • What is the fee for the courses?
    For exact fees, contact us. They change from time to time. It depends on the income group students belong to, the number of students enrolling, and schedule issues. We offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans.
  • What is a typical batch size?
    Three is good; more than five is a crowd. We discourage one-to-one sessions.
  • How do you do the scheduling of batches?
    Quality is our biggest focus, and due to it, we run a limited number of batches. As a result, this becomes the most difficult part of the process. Depending on the availability of the batches and new enrollments, as well as their time zones, we fix the schedule after a few rounds of discussion.
  • Is it not similar to other online courses of learning?
    Our delivery mode is online but we are a lot different than others. We follow concept network model which allows students to build a strong conceptual base. Our modules are specially designed and aided by AI/ML models to ensure that learning process moves in familiar echo-system while expanding the echo-system itself. The problems are generated by AI modules and focus on the learning process rather than practice.