Deploy Wordpress Website In Plesk Control Panel - Part 4

Deploy Wordpress Website In Plesk Control Panel - Part 4

In this part, we will deploy wordpress website through plesk panel.

This blog will have miltipart series

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Take a dump of local wordpress database

Start apache and mysql in Xampp. Go to phpmyadmin http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ url. Then select database which you want to export and click on "Export".

Click on "Custom - display all possible options", make sure all tables are selected.

Tick the "Add Drop Table / View" option. Then click "Go". It will ask you to save, save the mysql dump.

Migrate the locale database to production

Make a copy of local database dump and then open in Notepadd++ editor. Find http://dev.samplewebsite.loc and replace with After that save the mysql dump.

Import database in production

Login to plesk control panel and import the database dump.

After login -> Websites & Domains -> click on "Databases".

Next screen will show like below. Then click on "phpMyAdmin".

Click on "Import" -> Browse Mysql dump which we changed for production.

Mysql imported successfully.

Change the wordpress configuration

Open wp-config.php file and change the database configuration, which we created through plesk panel. Remember local database details are different and production details are different.

Save and close the wp-config.php file.

Create a zip of wordpress files

Transfer the wordpress files

Upload website zip file through file manager in plesk panel

After login to plesk panel -> Click "Website & Domains" - > Click "File Manager".

Create temp folder in root folder

NExt screen will show like below. Click on "Home directory" -> Click "+" -> Click "Create Directory".

Write name of directory then click ok.

Upload .zip file

In temp directory upload the .zip files.

Extract .zip file

Extract the zip. For that select the zip file -> then click "Archive" -> Click "Extract Files".

After extraction, we got the samplewebsite.loc folder.

Remove index.php file from httpdocs folder

We created index.php to test the website is working or not. Now we don't need index.php file. Because in wordpress files already index.php file is there, that file we need for our wordpress website.

Move all wordpress files in httpdocs folder

Go to samplewebsite.loc directory -> Select all files and folders -> Click on Move.

Select the directory where you want to move the files. We have to move all files in httpdocs folder then click OK.

All files are in httpdocs directory.

Check wordpress website in browser:

Check the url in browser.

The wordpress site is working fine. Let us check wordpress admin dashboard.

Check wordpress admin

we successfully deplyed wordpress website through plesk panel.

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